Wednesday, 11 December 2013

The power of words –part 1

 I invite you to stand aside a few moments and look at life as an observer. You would discover that the world operates upon word. In an office, communication takes place through circular, letters and online messages, apart from spoken words. Instruction are given, discussions take place and decisions are taken and implemented. Thus the office work goes on from day to day. This is true of every institution –the family-, the foundation of society.

You say it is communication. True, communication takes place in different languages. Break it down to its elements, and you find they are words. Words are the bricks that build communication. Break down life into its elements. And you find it is work. Every activity breaks down into work: work –big and small, work of every nature. A college is huge work that is built up by millions of small work.  The Eiffel Tower and the TajMahal are monuments built of countless works. Therefore, life consists of work, and work is accomplished through words.

Since words govern life, they hold power. Words are containers. They contain the power man chooses  to put in. The power can be of two kinds   -positive or negative. These two elements from the core of life. In electricity we come across +ve and –ve charges. In mathematics too, We have +ves and –ves. Every element in life can be categorized under these 2 head –Positive or Negative. We say they are opposites.

The categorical names of positive and Negative take on other names too. They are mainly

Death & life                                 night & day                                  darkness & light
Happiness & sorrow                fear & courage                           creative  &destructive
Good & bad                                  assets  &liabilities                    ugly  &beautiful
Tragedy & comedy                   anger  & forbearance              weakness & strength
Love & hatred                             hot & cold                                     pride  & humility

Most factors that come before us can be placed under either of the two categories. We can choose the categorical name  ‘Death & Life’ to govern the names, because all positive forms are different shades of Life and negative forms are different shades of DEATH. All positive forms produce life and all negative forms produce death in varying degrees. Positives and we call them LIFE and Negative forms lead to DEATH.

We shall take a closer look into the positive and Negatives of life. The sun, moon, stars and the sky beautiful and good. They fall into category of positives we call them LIFE The mountains, the rivers  the lakes and oceans are all magnificent. They are in the category of LIFE . All of nature  -plants, animals, birds & fishs – are beautiful. All things beautiful are LIFE. The seasons  -spring, summer, autumn, winter – are all pleasant and server useful functions. All are good and therefore are LIFE. In short nature –God’s creation – fall in the category of LIFE.

Negatives, we have plenty. All would agree. The pollution we see around us, is negative, and therefore DEATH. The crime & corruption that grow in the world, are DEATH. Strife, sickness, pain & poverty are DEATH. These  are all man’s creation. However, no all of man’s work is DEATH. Even LIFE is produced by man. What are they? Magnificent monuments, skyscrapers, bridges and rail road infrastructure are admirable works of man. Inventions like electricity, computers and other machines are amazing expressions l man. We can call these accomplishments  ‘LIFE Works’ of man. There have also been ‘DEATH works’ by man. Wars, Hitler massacres, the world Trade center attack and such other action of man have brought untold sufferings and pain. They are man’s DEATH works.

Here we observe that man is capable of both Life and DEATH works.
Man has power to bring  LIFE or DEATH. It is his choice, be it deliberate or done unconsciously.  The truth is, immense potentiality lies hidden in man. Some use it for good, some for  bad and some do not use it for either. No man man wants to be a DEATH giver. Everyone wants to be  LIFE producer. For, every religion teachers all to be good. And yet, the power hidden in man to do good, goes unexplored and unexploited to its fullest capacity. This is a loss to family and  society. So we would do a rough examination to see some of the causes and their remedies.

The core cause is lack of knowledge. The ensuing articles would have this prime mission –to supply the missing knowledge to some extent.

Mrs. Elsy Matthew
Assistant professor  -English
Brindavan college  of  Engineering

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