Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Need  For Developing skill For Development

India with its huge and growing population is definitely in an advantageous position to capture the world market in labour force. The Nation’s surplus labour will surely coincide with labour  shortage in many parts of the world. Meeting the task of global requirement is more an easy effort said than done. The country can do this only if its trained personnel meet quality standards demanded internationally. The system of education in general that quality develop objectivity of any task they perform  and observational skill. There is for sure lack of  methodical approach, analytical thinking and problem solving ability. The system is not fully helping in developing inquisitiveness and ability to work in teams.
The curriculum designed by the centers of higher learning does help in understanding technical skill. But this does not serve much in producing  employable stuff. The quality in them can be ensured only if they develop analytical thinking and ability to solve the problem with good observation and methodical approach.
Soft skills that make people employable are as critical as technical skill. The apprenticeship model  is particularly effective at developing these skills alongside technical information. Vocational education can only have its full economic impact if our education system produces people with skill that can get them well paid fulfilling work as per the industry requirements.
Skill development is an essential ingredient to future economic growth of the country as the nation transform into diversified and internationally competitive economy. It is to be admitted that at BRINDAVAN the need for skill development is realized well in advance and put into practice so that the personnel produced by the Institution does fulfill the requirement and they can be either productively employable or successful entrepreneur.

Dr. Mushtaq Ahmed,
Brindavan College, Bangalore, India.
Re-Accredited at the "A" level by NAAC 

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