Friday, 13 December 2013

Asst, Professor, MBA Department
                                 HAPPINESS QUOTIENT AT WORK PLACE
Many of us think happiness, satisfaction or contentment both in personal and professional life, comes from the kind of luxury we do have. Its more with having a bigger house, bigger car or bigger salary and so on…
But evidently, its been proven that happiest people focuses more on what they do, not on what they have hence  “  It  isn’t our position but our disposition what makes us feel happy and contented."
 Now how we define "Happiness" at work place. Is it just about loving and knowing what we do ? or Being acknowledged for what we do ?  if these do not work then what ?                      " STRESSED" !!!.  And work pressure or stress has always been considered as a big reason for irritation and frustation leading to lower efficiency, lower productivity.
here, we can develop our HAPPINESS QUOTIENT" at work place by  6 obvious ways for our personal, professional and organisational Growth
1. Positive approach:  We must choose to be happy  thinking positively about our job, dwelling on the various positive aspect of work we do.
 2. Avoid Negativity:  Choosing to be happy at work place requires  avoiding all the negative aspect as much as possible like negative conversation, gossip, unhappy people.
3. Do something you love Every single day: Take a long breath and find out your extra skills, talent interest and do something that you can enjoy doing every single day. Trust me that will boost you to the great level.
4. Make Friends, Socialize : Liking and enjoying with our co-workers, socializing with Go-Getters can throw lots of positive rays on us resulting greater performance, High energy, High enthusiasm. So spend some quality time with your co-workers and try to know them.
5. Take charge of your professional and personal development:  Try to be unreasonable and self motivated person because its you who can change yourself or can gain development for yourself . so take initiatives at the work place and try to know what is happening around.
6. Keep Smiling:  Trust me :) Smiling does wonder. it keep you Happy and make others happy.
Conclusion:   we may not all be where we want to be but we can make the best of where we are.

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