Friday, 13 December 2013

India Inc. is witnessing a fast growth in recent years and due to hard work of corporate and social captains. It is quite amazing to note that the contributions are from both genders. The power of women has been witnessing a massive growth in recent years in almost all the arena. It is due to self-empowerment attitude of women’s. This has made them to achieve to the greater heights. The women contributes equal as men to the growth of the nation and can say a proud idiom that “Every man has a successful women back to him”. Across the planet, the women power is sensible, sounds good and result oriented. Right from Education to political Administration, Corporate to Consumers, Service to entertainment, Women embarks their victory. It is quite proud to state that they play the symphony being in the back and with high efforts. The results are quite amazing and astonishing.
India Inc has a credibility of portraying the culture though the epics - Ramayana and Mahabharata. The Character, the play and the Moral are the roots of today’s Economic development and managing organizations. The Mahabharata has brought a classical lesson for women empowerment. The stubborn character of Draupati has been the back bone of success of pandavas and no wonder the role model of today’s women. Her self-Empowerment, Self-Enlightenment and Achieving mind has made pandavas to grab the fruit of success. It is also true in the current scenario.
The day begins at home and moves towards the roots of society. The lesson begins from a Woman – Mother. Mother is the right image for every successful human and there is no compromise in it. She achieves when she is enlightened and she enlightens herself whenever she gets empowered. She empowers at every point of incident in family. The Family is the true corporate that can be simulated with real life industry. The competition is hectic and sustainability is a big question mark. To make your-self sustained, there needs hard work.
Empowerment is the base of any work in the society. It is the platform that ignites the strong attitude towards enlightening and achievement. Every Organization fights to remain competitive by seizing new challenges. The need for Empowerment arises in order to gain credit ability and acceptance at various level of competition. Empowerment helps an individual to take initiative, try out new ideas packed with wealth of information. The state of freedom for an empowered enlightened woman helps her to climb the steps of Achievement. Women with decision making power, courage, effective communication, confidence and credit ability can make herself self –Esteem.
Women Empowerment aims at status and security for women, their family and whole communities by creating a gate way out of extreme poverty. The Empowerment will definitely light the Achievement attitude and India is very confident in attributing towards women empowerment in this LPG .We are sure that women empowerment is also the secret of fear in OBAMA‟s Speech where he quoted that he is afraid of India’s tremendous growth. No Rules, Constraints or obstacles may stop the achievement when we are empowered and enlightened.


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