Friday, 6 February 2015

Few Things You Wanted to Know about the Top Colleges in Bangalore

Bangalore which is primarily known to the world for its famous IT hub and deemed as the Silicon Valley of India has also emerged as the most prominent destination for quality education. This premier city of the state of Karnataka has been one of the most sought after destination for people seeking quality education both at the school level as well as for higher education. The attraction of the top colleges of the city has drawn the attention of students not only from India but also from many other parts of the world.

Bangalore University is the centre for higher education in the state. It was founded in the year 1886 and more than 500 colleges are affiliated to it. University of Mysore, Christ University, Manipal University, Karnataka University also offer various degree courses. Science, arts, commerce, engineering, management, medical and law are the disciplines commonly offered to students at the under graduate level. Institutes offering degrees in management studies are affiliated to All India Council of Technical Education (AICTE).

Salient features
Two things that are perceived as the hallmark of the top colleges in Bangalore – the first is the quality of education in terms of the curriculum and the teaching methodology and the other is the learning environment that is offered to the students. The ambience of the colleges, the infrastructural facilities, qualified faculties and value added curriculum oriented at career formation together with the amenities offered to the students create a conducive environment for learning that motivate students to perform better. The environment in the college campuses is one of the best in the country. Enrolling in any of the top colleges in Bangalore would ensure the foundation of a sound career.

College rankings
The topcolleges in Bangalore are accredited by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council (NAAC) in recognition of their superior standard of education. The NAAC, and autonomous body funded by the University Grants Commission is the watchdog for the quality of education in the country. These colleges are also ranked by various leading magazines of India on the basis of surveys conducted by them to ascertain the performance of the colleges. The surveys are conducted in collaboration with professional agencies through extensive research and scientific evaluation.

Admission procedure
For admission to engineering, medical, law and management degree courses, students have to qualify in the entrance examinations that are conducted for each discipline. This is followed by group discussions and counseling that the students have to clear before being selected for the courses. A common admission test for each discipline is held for all colleges and the rank obtained by the students influence their choice of the college.

The environment of education in Bangalore is further enriched by the presence of several leading research institutes like the Indian Institute of Science, Indian Space Research Organization, Indian Institute of Information Technology and National Institute of Advanced Studies, just to name a few. The top colleges inBangalore are the gateway for shaping successful careers and have been showing the path to glory for the deserving candidates.

A good teaching staff and a state of art infrastructure can be the criteria for a college to be opted for. Students who are interested in joining any top colleges in Bangalore should consider these as a point of criteria. For more details please visit

Monday, 2 February 2015

How to select the best MCA colleges in Bangalore

Which are the best MCA colleges in Bangalore? This is a question that is often asked by aspiring students who want to get enrolled in one of the premier institutes of the city. The city that has been the leading light in information technology and computer application has also witnessed the growth in quality higher education. Bangalore now houses some of the most prestigious colleges and research institutes that have earned it a respectable place in the education map of the world. Hordes of students pursuing MCA or Master of Computer application courses find the city to be the most favorable destination to launch their career.

Industry institute relationship
From the career perspective it makes good sense to pursue MCA in Bangalore because of the close relationship between the institutes and the industry. The students passing out from the best MCA colleges in Bangalore get ample opportunities of employment through campus recruitment drives. The sector of information technology and computer applications depends upon the steady flow of trained manpower from the institutes to meet their requirement of human resources. In this arrangement, the institutes also gain mileage in providing almost assured employment to the students, the ultimate goal of higher education in the country.

Selecting the college
Selecting the right institute would require some good homework on the part of the students who should be clear in their mind about their objectives and aspirations. This would ease the process of making the right selection that would depend on some other factors like –
·         Setting career goals – It is important to have defined goals for one’s career that will be guided by the interest and inclination of the candidates.
·         Ranking of colleges – The top colleges are ranked by various agencies like NAAC. Various leading national magazines also rank the colleges on the basis of their internal surveys. These rankings are true indicators of the performance of the colleges that are to be considered during selection.
·         Admission criteria – Since the candidates come from different backgrounds and the admission criteria for the colleges are different; this should be carefully studied to ensure that you are eligible for admission to the college that you have chosen.
·         Course content – Pay attention to the course content as this has to be aligned with your career objectives. No matter how good a college may be the course content will determine its usefulness to you in building your career.
·         Placement facilities – As told earlier, getting suitable employment after completion of the course is what everyone wants. Therefore, check the placement record of the college that you choose before taking a final decision.

Building a career in the world of information technology has become easy by enrolling with the best MCA colleges in Bangalore. But preparing for admission to these colleges and making the right selection plays an important role in converting your dreams into reality. This is quite possible for those with the right attitude which is essential for success in all walks of life. 

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Preparing for admission to the best management schools in Bangalore

Pursuing a professional course after graduating with a basic college degree is high on the agenda of the majority of students nowadays.  The lure of management jobs has made students make a beeline for management courses in institutes of all sizes and reputation in the country. However, to make a cut in the respectable league of leading companies, it is not just enough to obtain a degree in management from any kind of institute. The reputation of the management school carries a lot of weight during employment. The stamp of a reputable management school will help you to secure a job in one of the best known companies much more easily than others.

Common Admission Test
But it is not easy to get admitted into one of the best management schools in Bangalore. It requires a lot of hard work and single minded devotion to get into one of the top management schools of the country. The procedure for admission to any management school regardless of its grade is well known to all. A common admission test or CAT is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, the scores of which are used for admission to the management schools. Needless to say, the better the scores, the better is the chance of gaining admission to any highly recognized school. But one has also to qualify through subsequent screening process of group discussions and personal interview.

The final hurdle
The three layered admission process to the best management schools in Bangalore comprising the common admission test, group discussions and personal interview is seen as one of the most stringent selection procedure to educational institutes. Students are required to prepare not only for evaluation of their academic proficiencies but also need to develop a professional and pleasing personality that blends well with their academic abilities. In this regard, the personal interview is perceived as the most challenging step in the entire process and is deemed as the final hurdle that has to be overcome.

Preparing for the interview
Some of the most frequently asked questions in the interview have been listed below, about which you should have the most convincing answers ready at your lips to get over the last stumble block that can open new vistas of your career.

·         To begin with, be prepared to tell about yourself in the most crisp and effective manner that unveils the true picture of yourself in relation to the background of your upbringing and highlights your strengths while discerning your career objectives.

·         Demonstrate your conviction about meeting your career goals through management studies while it will also help you to add value to your career. Substantiating your claim with facts and figures will bolster your cause.

·         Replying diligently to questions about your role model in life as well as your hobbies and interest will contribute a lot in projecting your personality and character traits more effectively and will help to garner favorable response from the selectors.

Being true to your cause will bring your inside out with complete clarity in the interview that will help you to clench the deal.

Before preparing for interview any aspiring candidate should gather some brief history about the college. For more details please visit

Monday, 15 December 2014

Should you opt for the top polytechnics in Bangalore? Find out now!

Education is the stepping stone to the success of mankind. Everyone should get the chance to get educated, so that they can forge their own future and become successful in whatever they do. However, not everyone is meant to study the arts or sciences, or even engineering and business. Some students are cut out to be in vocational courses, so they can create their own business or get into a vocation that can support them and their families. Such students who are interested in vocational courses and other such professional degrees can opt for some of the top polytechnics in Bangalore.

Polytechnic, the word, is a derivative from the Greek ‘Poly’ meaning ‘many’ and ‘Teknikos’, meaning technique. In terms of education, this means, an institute that offers a diverse range of professional courses which could include technical courses as well as vocational courses. Coming to top polytechnics in Bangalore, one will be hard pressed for choice, since there are many small and big polytechnics scattered all over Bangalore. These could be government-owned, public-owned, or privately-owned polytechnics, offering students with a choice to kick-start their careers.

Students who want to enroll themselves in a polytechnic need to have passed a minimum of Class 10 boards, after which they can apply to the colleges. Some of the top polytechnics in Bangalore offer such innovative courses as marine studies, cinematography, sound recording and editing, prosthetic s and orthotics, fisheries, printing and processing, fashion designing, interior decoration, and the like. Here is a whole list of trades and courses that are offered at top polytechnics in Bangalore:
1.       Applied Chemistry with Materials Science
2.       Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science
3.       Applied Food Science & Nutrition
4.       Baking & Culinary Science
5.       Biologics & Process Technology
6.       Biomedical Engineering
7.       Biomedical Science
8.       Biotechnology
9.       Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
10.   Chemical & Green Technology
11.   Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology
12.   Consumer Science & Technology
13.   Environmental & Water Technology
14.   Environmental Science
15.   Food Science & Technology
16.   Landscape Design & Horticulture
17.   Marine Science and Aquaculture
18.   Perfumery and Cosmetic Science
19.   Pharmaceutical Science
20.   Veterinary Bio-science
21.   Architecture
22.   Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management
23.   Real Estate Business
24.   Sustainable Urban Design and Engineering
25.   Aviation Management
26.   Communications and Media Management
27.   Financial Business Informatics
28.   Consumer Behavior and Research
29.   Retail Management
30.   Supply Chain Management
31.   Sports and Wellness Management
32.   Aerospace Avionics
33.   Dental Hygiene and Therapy
34.   Optometry
35.   Nursing
36.   Physiotherapy
37.   Creative Writing
38.   Cyber and Digital Security
39.   Forensic Sciences
40.   Game Development

Armed with this list of courses offered by top polytechnics in Bangalore, you can start deciding on which field you want to make your career in and then delve into details about how to get into the institutes. A good trick, apart from scouring the internet, is to meet students you know who have been to any of the polytechnic institutes and get first hand information from them about the courses and the job prospects at the end of the course. With the amazing variety of courses on offer and the interesting jobs that one could get after completion, getting into one of the top polytechnics in Bangalore is definitely a must-do if you want a bright future. All the best!

What’s the big deal about the top b-schools in Bangalore?

Everything, apparently! With the rat race of everyday life making machines out of mankind, getting the right education and carving out a decent future is a big deal – and the top b-schools in Bangalore have turned out be saving graces for the youth of today.

The top b-schools in Bangalore offer specialized education to thousands of bright young minds from across the country and make sure that not only are they all set to have a good life ahead, they also ensure that the country makes progress because of their efforts.

Today, with the rapid globalization and the resultant exponential growth of jobs in multinational organizations, there is a rising need for more managers who can handle these growing businesses. Where do we get these intelligent minds? From the treasure house that are the top b-schools in Bangalore.

However, choosing one among the many top b-schools in Bangalore is not easy, since a lot of hard work is involved. First off, students should have performed well in all the school board exams, and even had a decent percentage of scores in University. After this, they will have to appear for the Common Admission Test – which is meant to separate the boys from the men. Only if they meet the criteria set out by the top b-schools in Bangalore, can they apply to the institutions – after which they will have to go through grilling rounds of group discussions and panel interviews.

After the rigorous process of interviews, the time comes to choose a good school to get admission into. There are a few criteria that need to be kept in mind at this stage as well:

Placements offered by the top b-schools in Bangalore need to be checked out before opting for one of them. It is very important, since the future of a student in one of the schools is based on the kind of companies that will appear for placement interview and the jobs and packages that they will be offered.

Alumni is also an important criteria. If a student wants to get into one of the top b-schools in Bangalore, it would make sense for him/her to check out the alumni of the school and see how they are doing. Not only will their current jobs and status give an inkling on how the school has prepared them for life, but talking to them will also give an idea as to what to expect in the years that they need to study there.

Another important thing that needs to be considered is the course fees. Today, if you get into any of the top b-schools in Bangalore, there are banks willing to offer educational loans – however, it is important to find out what the amount of loan will need to be, how the student can repay it, whether it requires any guarantors or not etc.

In addition to these, students should also consider the profiles of the faculty, the infrastructure of the institution, the teaching methodology etc before choosing to get admitted to one of the many top b-schools in Bangalore.

Wondering how to get into one of the top engineering colleges in Bangalore? Here’s what you need to know!

Bangalore is the IT hub of India. Everyday new organizations are coming up and hundreds of people are shifting base to Bangalore to work and therefore also settle down there. In fact, thanks to this mass exodus towards the capital city of Karnataka, the government has also realized the need for higher education. Today, new primary and secondary schools are being launched. In addition to this, a number of medical, business, and engineering colleges in Bangalore are seeing the light of the day.

Engineering being one of the most sought after courses in India, there are a number of engineering colleges in Bangalore. Mostly private, the colleges boast of not only the latest infrastructure but also some of the best faculty from across the country. More importantly, apart from merely traditional education, these engineering colleges in India offer students with various co-curricular activities that ensure they emerge out of college as well-rounded individuals.

Engineering is an extremely specialized industry and requires detailed knowledge. If you are among those who want to study engineering and make a career out of it, then it is very important that you get enrolled in one of the many top-ranked engineering colleges in Bangalore. This is because some of the students from these top engineering colleges are often recruited by multinational companies for whopping salaries and posted in international locations.

However, it is very important that you first decide which specialized field of engineering that you would like to graduate in. Some of the interesting branches of study that these engineering collegesin Bangalore offer students include:
Research and Development in the field of Mechanical Engineering
Research and Development in the field of Civil Engineering
Electronics & Communications Engineering
Computer Science & Engineering
Information Science & Engineering
Civil Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Masters of Technology in Civil - Structural Engineering
Masters of Technology in Mechanical - Machine Design
Diploma in Civil Engineering
Diploma in Mechanical Engineering
Diploma in Computer Science & Engineering
Diploma in Electronics & Communication Engineering

Armed with this list, you need to analyze which specialization interests you and which you would like to take up as your career. Having done that, the next step is to review the top engineering colleges in Bangalore and short listing the ones you would like to be part of. Then, you will need to find out their criteria for admission and start preparing for the different stages of tests and interviews that might be conducted for your admission. Once you have appeared for the tests and are waiting for the results, the next decision you need to take is where you would like to put up - whether the college hostel or a separate apartment with some co-college goers. Meet up with people and try to figure out a few possible solutions. For thought it is tough to get into the engineering colleges in Bangalore, once you do get in, it becomes difficult to manage everything.

So start one by one and you'll see things fall in place in due time. All the best in your quest to get into one of the leading engineering colleges in Bangalore!

Friday, 12 December 2014

A sneak-peak into the best colleges in Bangalore!

‘Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world,’ noted the revolutionary Nelson Mandela. The statement stands very true, especially for an emerging and rapidly-modernizing country like India. It is high time we people of India got out of the mindset of being a third-world country and worked our way towards becoming one of the leading forces of the world. And what better way to achieve this aim than to ensure each and every citizen in the country is educated? 

Bangalore, one of the most important cultural and educational hubs of the country, is a key enabler of this long-term aim of the country. With leading schools and colleges in Bangalore extending the portals of education to the youth of the country, it has become one of the most sought after cities in India. Bangalore boasts of 10 Universities and numerous educational institutes, which offer undergraduate and post-graduate, as well as technical and business courses. In fact, today, the best colleges in Bangalore have a beeline of students from all over the country and even the world!

Whether a student is looking for higher education in the arts and humanities field – English, History, Psychology; or Sciences – Medical, Micro-biology; or engineering – mechanical, civic, computers; or emerging streams such as Bio-technology, IT and Computers – the best colleges in Bangalore are all set to give them these and more. These courses are offered as both 3-and 4-year bachelor degree programs, which are affiliated to the educational body of India, the University Grants Commission, and hence hold great value for the students who earn these degrees.

Some of the best colleges in Bangalore offer the following course: Arts & Humanities Colleges Science Colleges Architecture Colleges Biotechnology Colleges Engineering Colleges Fine Arts Colleges Law Colleges Management Colleges Hotel Management Colleges Mass Communication Colleges Medical, Dental, Nursing, Physiotherapy, and Pharmaceutical Colleges Polytechnic Colleges Institutes

Students interested in getting admission to one of the best colleges in Bangalore need to ensure that they finish their +2 education after the mandatory Class 10 from a recognized school and have attained a specified percentage of marks. This percentage changes every year, depending on the average scores achieved by most students across the country in the board exams. All students are notified of this cut-off at the beginning of the admission year through the official college websites. Once the admission process begins, students need to appear for an entrance exam where they need to qualify. After the qualifying exam, they will have to pass through a grilling interview by a panel of the faculty. Only after they pass the panel discussion and sometimes also a group discussion stage to determine their reactions in a social setting, do these students get a chance to enroll to some of the best colleges in Bangalore

In addition to these Bachelor’s degree programs, the best colleges in Bangalore also offer vocational training as well as certificate and diploma courses for interested students. The aim of these colleges is to ensure that all students are not only educated but also prepped up to get a good job and have a great future.