Wednesday, 1 January 2014


Employers are facing critical shortage of talent in the world’s second largest democratic Country, India.The shortage of professionally qualified and competent employees has consistently  bothered corporate leaders Globally.To me India is no exception to this situation.Along with the problems with irresponsible Legal initiatives ,Abstract  Bureaucracy at times,talent shortage and  been a major problem for many HR leaders.
Rapid growth of Indian Economy is partly to be blamed for this.The demand for talent has outnumbered the supply. It therefore becomes critical for any organization to retain talent from the market , as it would be more expensive that way.It would be prudent to retain well groomed talent within the organization rather than letting competition poach the talent.
The genuine big Question is how to retain talented employees ? To my understanding there are numerous Internal and external factors that ought to contribute for the real gauge of Talent. I would like to streamline this through 4E mechanism.The 4 aspects are(a) Encouraging (b)Enriching (c)Engaging and (d) Enabling.
The Encouraging domain has to take care of schemes and policies that makes to look  oneself inward and get exposed to Goals of Organization. The space of Enrichment has to look into professional Enrichment of the employees through Job clarity,Providing growth opportunities, recognizing achievements and Empowering them. The third aspect of Engaging means  respecting them as individuals and keeping them well informed through all hierarchies  of Organization as imperative to the situation that comes.
The Enabling aspect has to take care of providing psychological safe work environment,helping employees to balance work and Family responsibilities and commitments.I prefer the process of talent management has to be looked under four key indicators. They should be(a) Commitment level(b)   Key result Areas(c)    Intention to stay and (d)Attrition rate.
The organization has  to pith into serious Interview mechanisms to analyze the reasons  why employees have quit the Organization in the past.In general the employees may not be truthful during the exit interviews. I feel it would be apt that if the employees are approached by a third party  three months after they have quit. In such cases, the employees might share the real reason of quitting the organization.
To conclude Talent retention is more  vital than Talent sourcing, which provides any organization the competitive advantage. No organization with  leaking talent  pipeline  would remain competitive.It is therefore desirable that organizations should  give necessary attention to talent retention with necessary initiatives as appended above  for their sustained well- being  in this  competitive corporate world.