Thursday, 12 December 2013

Impact of Advertising and Media Management on Society
Although people often focus on the negatives effects of advertising when they discuss the effects of advertising, it is important to note that advertising does have its positive side also. In addition to promoting important social messages, advertisements can also spark the economy by fostering competition and innovation.
In this competitive market, with the advent of so many advertising agencies as well as with the arrival of billions of products, services and ideas, satisfying the needs of the clients have become the ultimate objective for the advertisers. In several cases, we find portrayal of misleading and false information in advertisements. The advertisers rarely think about the benefit of the people, they are more inclined towards making profit. As it is quite clear that advertising is one of the most influential tools of mass communication. Social awareness advertising mainly focuses on social issues like national integration, pollution, family planning, care and concern for aged and disabled, awareness campaigns against smoking, drugs, alcohol, etc. The primary purpose of this type of advertising is to educate the masses through hard hitting didactic messages.
The Internet, interactive television devices, and e-books are examples of the types of communication technologies that, when they emerge, have the potential to significantly disrupt the underlying business models of existing sectors of the media industry and relevant social issues through this significant tool of mass communication.
Media has significantly promoted social causes like literacy, health management, anti-dowry practices, discouraging female foeticide, AIDS awareness, etc.
It clarifies that advertisements really are one of the most powerful and strongest medium of mass communication and when authentic and unbiased messages are delivered through this medium, the products get an instant positive response in the market. It all depends on the advertisers, who introduce the products or services with complete authenticity and without forgetting their responsibility towards the community. Advertisements do have a social responsibility and it wouldn’t be wrong to state that people can be successfully made aware of the all the concerned and relevant social issues through this significant tool of mass communication.
                                                                                                        Jayashree Bora

                                                                                                 Commerce & management Deptt.                 

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