Thursday, 12 December 2013

Advertisements & Indian Women
M. Nagendra, Asst Professor, Dept of MBA, Brindavan College.
Day by day new fairness products are coming and women are more worrying about their fairness. Even MNC’s are launching the fairness products entering into India market. For promoting those products they are using advertisements and in that many advertisements are conveying to the Indian women that, if you are dusky social interaction will be the problem but if you use our fairness product your psychology will change like get positive attitude, will become self motivated person, will feel more confident, get good proposal, become model in future etc. Media is playing the vital role to attract the Indian women towards the fairness products. Advertisements are kept on repeating and conveying that Dusky people will not shine in their life. This research concludes that, Indian women are well aware that fairness products will not bring any changes in their complexion and most of the respondents felt that being a not fair is not going effect the social status. In spite of that also, Indian women are using the fairness products. Regarding psychology changes, fairness of one person will affect the psychology of that person certain level, like confidence level increasing etc., Advertisements of fairness products are not having any impact on psychology of Indian women, but there is a chance in the future, young generations are watching such advertisement again and again. Definitely advertisements of fairness product will give negative impact about dusky people in the mind of young generation.

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