Monday, 15 December 2014

Should you opt for the top polytechnics in Bangalore? Find out now!

Education is the stepping stone to the success of mankind. Everyone should get the chance to get educated, so that they can forge their own future and become successful in whatever they do. However, not everyone is meant to study the arts or sciences, or even engineering and business. Some students are cut out to be in vocational courses, so they can create their own business or get into a vocation that can support them and their families. Such students who are interested in vocational courses and other such professional degrees can opt for some of the top polytechnics in Bangalore.

Polytechnic, the word, is a derivative from the Greek ‘Poly’ meaning ‘many’ and ‘Teknikos’, meaning technique. In terms of education, this means, an institute that offers a diverse range of professional courses which could include technical courses as well as vocational courses. Coming to top polytechnics in Bangalore, one will be hard pressed for choice, since there are many small and big polytechnics scattered all over Bangalore. These could be government-owned, public-owned, or privately-owned polytechnics, offering students with a choice to kick-start their careers.

Students who want to enroll themselves in a polytechnic need to have passed a minimum of Class 10 boards, after which they can apply to the colleges. Some of the top polytechnics in Bangalore offer such innovative courses as marine studies, cinematography, sound recording and editing, prosthetic s and orthotics, fisheries, printing and processing, fashion designing, interior decoration, and the like. Here is a whole list of trades and courses that are offered at top polytechnics in Bangalore:
1.       Applied Chemistry with Materials Science
2.       Applied Chemistry with Pharmaceutical Science
3.       Applied Food Science & Nutrition
4.       Baking & Culinary Science
5.       Biologics & Process Technology
6.       Biomedical Engineering
7.       Biomedical Science
8.       Biotechnology
9.       Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering
10.   Chemical & Green Technology
11.   Chemical & Pharmaceutical Technology
12.   Consumer Science & Technology
13.   Environmental & Water Technology
14.   Environmental Science
15.   Food Science & Technology
16.   Landscape Design & Horticulture
17.   Marine Science and Aquaculture
18.   Perfumery and Cosmetic Science
19.   Pharmaceutical Science
20.   Veterinary Bio-science
21.   Architecture
22.   Hotel & Leisure Facilities Management
23.   Real Estate Business
24.   Sustainable Urban Design and Engineering
25.   Aviation Management
26.   Communications and Media Management
27.   Financial Business Informatics
28.   Consumer Behavior and Research
29.   Retail Management
30.   Supply Chain Management
31.   Sports and Wellness Management
32.   Aerospace Avionics
33.   Dental Hygiene and Therapy
34.   Optometry
35.   Nursing
36.   Physiotherapy
37.   Creative Writing
38.   Cyber and Digital Security
39.   Forensic Sciences
40.   Game Development

Armed with this list of courses offered by top polytechnics in Bangalore, you can start deciding on which field you want to make your career in and then delve into details about how to get into the institutes. A good trick, apart from scouring the internet, is to meet students you know who have been to any of the polytechnic institutes and get first hand information from them about the courses and the job prospects at the end of the course. With the amazing variety of courses on offer and the interesting jobs that one could get after completion, getting into one of the top polytechnics in Bangalore is definitely a must-do if you want a bright future. All the best!

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