Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Preparing for admission to the best management schools in Bangalore

Pursuing a professional course after graduating with a basic college degree is high on the agenda of the majority of students nowadays.  The lure of management jobs has made students make a beeline for management courses in institutes of all sizes and reputation in the country. However, to make a cut in the respectable league of leading companies, it is not just enough to obtain a degree in management from any kind of institute. The reputation of the management school carries a lot of weight during employment. The stamp of a reputable management school will help you to secure a job in one of the best known companies much more easily than others.

Common Admission Test
But it is not easy to get admitted into one of the best management schools in Bangalore. It requires a lot of hard work and single minded devotion to get into one of the top management schools of the country. The procedure for admission to any management school regardless of its grade is well known to all. A common admission test or CAT is conducted by the Indian Institute of Management, the scores of which are used for admission to the management schools. Needless to say, the better the scores, the better is the chance of gaining admission to any highly recognized school. But one has also to qualify through subsequent screening process of group discussions and personal interview.

The final hurdle
The three layered admission process to the best management schools in Bangalore comprising the common admission test, group discussions and personal interview is seen as one of the most stringent selection procedure to educational institutes. Students are required to prepare not only for evaluation of their academic proficiencies but also need to develop a professional and pleasing personality that blends well with their academic abilities. In this regard, the personal interview is perceived as the most challenging step in the entire process and is deemed as the final hurdle that has to be overcome.

Preparing for the interview
Some of the most frequently asked questions in the interview have been listed below, about which you should have the most convincing answers ready at your lips to get over the last stumble block that can open new vistas of your career.

·         To begin with, be prepared to tell about yourself in the most crisp and effective manner that unveils the true picture of yourself in relation to the background of your upbringing and highlights your strengths while discerning your career objectives.

·         Demonstrate your conviction about meeting your career goals through management studies while it will also help you to add value to your career. Substantiating your claim with facts and figures will bolster your cause.

·         Replying diligently to questions about your role model in life as well as your hobbies and interest will contribute a lot in projecting your personality and character traits more effectively and will help to garner favorable response from the selectors.

Being true to your cause will bring your inside out with complete clarity in the interview that will help you to clench the deal.

Before preparing for interview any aspiring candidate should gather some brief history about the college. For more details please visit brindavancollege.com

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