Friday, 12 December 2014

The A to Z About PUC Colleges in Bangalore

The future of Indian education lies in the hands of the youth. Year after year hundreds of young kids pass out from school and make a beeline for engineering and/or medical course, by appearing for all-India entrance exams, competing with lakhs of like-minded kids. It is a tough rat race with everyone trying to beat the others and becoming the best of the lot. It is, however, not the ideal situation to be in. It would be a much better idea to try their hands at one of the many PUC colleges in Bangalore.

The PUC colleges in Bangalore offer students with pre-university courses, which are intermediate courses of 2 year duration, conducted and recognized by the state boards of India. Often, the PUC is seen as a bridge between school and university education, which prepares students for the transition from the regular studies of school to the specialized education provided by universities. 

To get into one of the Best PUC colleges in Bangalore, students need to have completed and passed the 10th Standard school board exam. After that, they are eligible for the 2 year PUC course, and they can opt for Arts, Commerce, or Science streams. 

Subjects that students can opt for when choosing Arts as their PUC stream are History, Geography, Sociology, Political Science, Psychology, Education, Logic, Home Science, Optional Kannada, Karnataka Music & Hindustani Music, and so on.

Subjects that students can opt for when choosing Science as their PUC stream are Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology, Electronics, Computer Science, Home Science & Geology.
Subjects that students can opt for when choosing Commerce as their PUC stream are History, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Computer Science, Geography, Statistics & Basic Maths.

Apart from the main subjects that they can choose as their specialization in these PUC colleges in Bangalore, students who opt for these colleges will also have to study a few common subjects with the rest of the class. These include English as the first language, and a choice between Kannada, Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Marathi, French, German, and Arabic as the second language. 

Why should a student opt for PUC course? Getting into one of the good PUC colleges in Bangalore gives the students a chance to prepare for University education. They can choose a specialization that they want to pursue as a career, and try their hand at it – this will give them an idea to their likes and dislikes, their strengths and weaknesses, their aptitude and skills, and their abilities. Eventually, these PUC courses help students to identify the right career for their future. 

Getting into one of the many good PUC colleges in Bangalore is the dream for many young students – especially because Bangalore is now becoming an industrial and IT hub, with almost all major MNCs opening branches and shared services centers in the city. Also, some of the best colleges in the country are based in Bangalore, which is a direct progression for students who want to move into one of these universities, and carve themselves a future.

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